Compartment Pressure Testing


You may be referred by your doctor or treating pracitioner for Compartment Pressure Testing should you have activity related lower limb pain, especially if it does not respond to conservative management.

Our Sport and Exercise Physician Dr Trefor James is trained in Compartment Pressure Testing and can perfom it in the clinic.

From this test, we can determine whether you have the diagnosis of Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome. 

The Compartment Pressure test are performed on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and the  session is approximately 1 hour. 


The cost for a Compartment Pressure Test is $500

Referral & Medicare Rebate

Patients require a valid GP or medical spcialist referral for a Compartment Pressure Test. Medicare will provide a rebate of $72.75.

The Compartment Pressure Test is not covered by private health insurance. 

What to bring?

  • All relevant imaging (films and reports) 
  • Blood test results 
  • Referral from GP or medical specialist 
  • Exercise attire (shorts, tshirt, running shoes)