Rick Osler at St Kilda FC

In Podiatry news the St Kilda FC has just had their treadmill reviews, boot and running shoe prescription this week by Lifecare Prahran Podiatrist Rick Osler


Adidas featured prominantly with their 2 new boots - the ‘X’ and the ‘Ace’.  The new boots have some serious tech behind them this year - but not all boots fit all players.  Midfielders and small forwards lean more toward the lighter faster boots (X) whilst the bigger guys lean more toward the Ace.  Pre season sees a lot of running of course, so the running shoe prescription is very important.  Word has it that the players this year will have a dedicated running shoe, a different shoe for weight training, squats, jumps etc and that once again, a no flat summer thong edict has been issued.  Don’t forget, you do not need to be elite to reap the benefits of a footwear prescription - make a time with Podiatrist Rick Osler, bring in your footwear and you will receive the same high level input of an elite player.  Running, walking, gym - they all require a shoe.  It is expensive to get it wrong, get it checked by Rick or one of our Sports Podiatry team.

Rick has a Bachelor of Podiatry, and a Diploma in Applied Science, and practises specifically in biomechanical, sports medicine and injury management, is Podiatrist for the St Kilda Football Club, and has interests in the Ironman Triathlon, running, cycling and AFL football.

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