Trials prove stem cell breakthrough

Dr Julien Freitag

With his study published in the British Medical Journal just last week, and recent coverage by 7 News Melbourne and The Herald Sun, Dr Julien Freitag is making waves with his ground breaking research into radical stem cell therapy.

The research conducted by Dr Freitag saw the extraordinary regrowth of knee cartilage in karate champion, Stephanie Harris. Stephanie unfortunately experienced a severe knee injury while competing in a 2014 karate championship which caused a 1cm hole that was unrepairable by traditional surgery and rehabilitation.

Thanks to Dr Freitag’s world-first trial, Stephanie’s knee has regrown cartilage and the damage caused was almost completely reversed using stem cells harvested from her own body. This breakthrough has given Stephanie a second chance in her career as a Personal Trainer and brightened her hopes to return to karate.

The results from the trial has seen 70 per cent of participants being able to reduce pain, improve function, and stabilise their conditions. Dr Freitag will continue his research with two more trials being undertaken involving 70 participants with joint conditions.

With further success from these trials, Dr Freitag’s stem cell therapy could prevent the need for invasive surgery and benefit others like Stephanie in the future.

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High ankle sprains – Syndesmosis injury

High ankle sprains – Syndesmosis injury

It is only too fitting to be talking about syndesmosis injuries with Jack Gunston from Hawthron working hard to get back for this weeks prelimanry final in the AFL 2 weeks post injury.

As per a previous post, ankles are the most commonly injured body part in a wide variety of popular Australian sports.

If you hurt your ankle, an important injury not to miss is the ‘high ankle sprain’, or syndesmosis injury.

All things Hamstring

All things Hamstring

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